What Matcha Tea Is Good For???


A lot of people are new to the world of matcha. And with that, comes a lot of questions like "what is matcha good for". That question is asked at least 4-5 times a week, so we wanted to write a few things matcha tea would be good for. Before we start just know this list is not limited to just what we say but also whatever you think matcha could be good with or in. 

5 Things Matcha Tea Is Good For

1) Increasing Energy- With only 1/3 the caffeine content of coffee, matcha tea gives you a steady source of energy, usually lasting 4-6 hours. This is possible because the caffeine in matcha is alkaline based and it's released slowly into your system. Unlike most tea, with matcha, you are consuming the entire tea leaf and because of this, your body takes longer to break down the tea. Which gives you a steady stream of natural energy.



2) Blocking Fat Absorption- This one usually gets people's ears up. Matcha tea is known to not only increase your metabolism and burn fat, but matcha also blocks fat in your system. This happens because matcha limits the absorption of fat into the cells. When you consume matcha the fat molecules are limited to separation and cannot become small enough to be absorbed by the body's cells.  

3) Natural Cooking Ingredient- Many people always look for the hottest thing to add to there diet to improve their health but the fact of the matter is that a lot of things have not changed. Tea like matcha is in a powder form which is great because you can easily add a dip of matcha into a smoothie or batter. This is great because you can add matcha to your protein or other mix and instantly boost the nutrition content. 


4) Improving Skin Health- Matcha is filled with rich chlorophyll which can help reduce and fight acne. Also, the antioxidants in matcha are great for blemishes, dark spots or uneven skin tone. Matcha Green Tea is one of the most effective treatments for hyperpigmentation because it is loaded with Vitamin A and B. Both Vitamin A and B are proven to fight discoloration.

5) Heart Healthy- The saponins in matcha work to lower the absorption of cholesterol and creatine in the body. In return, this increases the good (HDL) cholesterol in your blood. Cholesterol is an important piece to heart health, but just not any cholesterol, lowering bad (LDL) Cholesterol and increasing good (HDL) Cholesterol is key. LDL Cholesterol clogs the arteries and blocks blood flow, while HDL Cholesterol works to clear the body of artery-clogging plaques. Which is an added benefit of matcha? 

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Can Green Tea Really Lower Your Blood Pressure

Chances are if you're reading this you have heard that everything from exercise, garlic and reducing salt intake will help lower blood pressure. Studies have shown one causes of heart attack is attributed to high blood pressure. Because of this there are many things that people claim to have created, take and do to lower there blood pressure. But when it comes to it, results are what really matter. As well as how easy it is to implement the changes needed to help lower your blood pressure. 
So we took one commonly asked question and did research to see if it's true. That question is "Can green tea really lower your blood pressure"? Below are the results that we found as well as some interesting facts and thoughts about green tea and how it effects your blood pressure. 
So studies have shown that drinking green tea can increase your blood pressure immediately after drinking it. This was published in a study from the "Journal of Hypertension" August 1999 edition.  We know this is surprising to many people because we have been told green tea is a healthy alternative to coffee. Well we do have good news, the study also said the rise in blood pressure right after consumption was not significant enough to cause a health concern. 
The great thing about green tea is that it is packed with antioxidants and polyphenols, which are linked to anti aging and weight loss. Not to mention the caffeine content in green tea is much lower than coffee. Even in matcha green tea with has more caffeine than regular green tea, the caffeine content is still 1/3 the amount of coffees. 
Now back to the blood pressure topic at hand. Remember the "Journal of Hypertension" said that drinking green tea increases your blood pressure immediately after drinking it. Well that does not take into account what happens when you drink green tea for a extended amount of time, the "British Journal of Nutrition" tracked 25 people for 12 weeks after drinking matcha green tea consistently. After the end of 12 weeks the blood pressure had lowered by 2.6mmHG systolic and 2.2mmHg diastolic. This is amazing because researchers said this could equate to a 8 percent reduction in stroke risk.
That is amazing drinking matcha green tea on a consistent basis can possibly decrease your risk of stroke by almost 10 percent. Matcha tea is called the elixir of life and with results like that we can see why. 
For those of you who have never heard of matcha tea. Matcha tea is a powdered form of green tea. Matcha is regular green tea that has been grown in shade to increase the chlorophyll in its leaves and making it more nutrient rich. Then the leaves are stripped from the stem and ground into a fine powder called matcha. 
Because of this matcha is one of the most nutrient rich teas in the world, and when you drink matcha you consume the entire tea leaf and all the nutrients that come with it. 
Well we hope our findings helped you get a better understanding on how green tea can help you and your blood pressure. 
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What is a Matcha Latte

A Matcha Latte is the only way to start your day. At least that is what we think. Over the past years matcha tea has become a staple in the health food world. With people from all walks of life drinking matcha for its many benefits. 
But like everything else in the world, when people start to try something new they like to put their on spin on it. Which leads us to the matcha green tea latte. This drink was created as a way to still consume the health benefits of matcha tea but with more of a commercial appeal. You usually find matcha green tea lattes in coffee shops like Starbucks but they are usually loaded with sugar. 
Below we will show you a great non sugary version of a matcha green tea latte. It can be enjoyed hot, cold and anytime of the day. So wait no more, take a look below and see how to make your own matcha latte to enjoy at home. 

What You Will Need For Matcha Green Tea Latte

1 tsp of Matcha Tea
Milk (Cow, Almond, your choice)
Frothing Tool

Steps To Make Matcha Latte

Sift Matcha into a Cup, Add 2-3 ounces of water and mix with matcha until matcha is dissolved, add 4-6 ounces of warm milk and then mix until you have a little froth.   

Add Ice if you would like of just enjoy as is. 


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Foods that help you lose weight

Diet here and diet there. It seems like everywhere we go there is someone or something that we should eat to help lose weight. With all the so called health foods available and information out what should we eat. Well we have a list of the foods that help you lose weight, an girl you are going to love it. 
1) Almonds
These guys make the list because they are a great source of mono- and polyunsaturated fats, which can help lower cholesterol and keep you slim. Almonds also have fewer calories than most other varieties of nuts (just 163 calories for 23), they are also packed with fiber and vitamin E. The International Journal of Obesity, found when people added a daily serving of almonds to a low-calorie diet they lose more weight than those who followed the same diet but ate a carb-heavy snack such as crackers instead.
2) Black Beans
These guys are a member of the pulse family, and have been shown to help burn calories, reduce belly fat, and suppress your appetite. One cup of black beans have 15 grams of protein with none of the saturated fats you often find in other high-protein sources, like red meat.
3) Chili Peppers
 The effective heat of chili peppers on your metabolism is unreal. They contain capsaicin and it increases your body's ability to burn fat (as much as 90 extra calories following a meal), and are also a good source of vitamin C. More power to the chili and helping us lose weight.
4) Matcha Green Tea
Matcha tea is the superfood of all superfoods. It has one of the highest levels of antioxidants compared to most other health foods. The catechins and ECGC antioxidants in matcha help boost your metabolism and increase your bodies resting metabolism rate. Wow is what we thought too. Not to mention matcha also has been linked to reducing heart disease and helping reduce your bodies blood sugar levels. Matcha is by far one of the best foods that help you lose weight.  
Give these foods a try and we know you will see some types of improvements. 
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What does matcha taste like, You ask?

Almost everyone wants to find a way to be a little healthier. With matcha green tea you can definitely improve your overall cardiovascular, skin and metabolism health. The only thing stopping most people is wondering what the green powdery stuff tastes like.  
If you thought about trying matcha but just can cause you don't know what to expect for the taste you are not alone. But if the taste is what you are after trust us matcha is worth the taste. Also, there are different types of matcha and the types will give you different tastes. 
1) Ceremonial matcha and its taste
Ceremonial matcha is the highest quality of matcha and because of that has the smoothest taste. It resembles the flavor of green tea but just a little stronger. If you are a fan of the taste of green tea you will love the taste. Only thing is the cost of Ceremonial matcha is a lot higher than other types of matcha but the taste is superior to all other matcha tea.
2) Premium matcha and the taste
Premium matcha is a step below Ceremonial matcha but it has a slightly grassy taste. To the new matcha drinker, you will not even notice a difference. For a matcha drinker that wants to get the best price and quality, premium matcha tea is the way to go. It is less expensive and the quality of health benefits are the same as Ceremonial and the taste is basically the same. Can't forget you also get about double the amount for the same cost of Ceremonial Matcha.  (Give Matcha A Try
3) Flavored matcha and the taste
Flavored matcha tea is fairly new and most people haven't even heard of it. Flavored matcha comes infused with fruit extract and most contain a little cane sugar. For a sweet matcha iced tea, this is amazing. Flavored matcha is by far the best tasting, but you lose a little of the health benefits because cane sugar is added. Just imagine green tea infused with your favorite fruit, that is what flavored matcha tastes like. The good thing is that cane sugar is all natural and not refined, so it is not as bad as other sugars. If you are looking for just a great overall drink, and not worried about the sugar, you will fall in love with flavored matcha. It's great for Lattes, Cooking, and Iced Tea. 
Well, I hope this helped you get a better idea of the different tastes of matcha.
(Give matcha a try) I'm sure you will enjoy it. 
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