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What Our Customers Say

What Our Customers Say

Refreshing Hot or Cold
I had never tried matcha, but is is surprisingly pleasant and refreshing hot or cold. -Stephanie

DELICIOUS RASPBERRY FLAVORED, green tea benefits! I will buy this again!
YUM! YUM! Matcha powder is basically high quality, dried, crushed green tea leaves. The raspberry added is very natural tasting, not fake or imitation. This stuff I delicious in hot tea, but I really enjoy making smoothies out of it. Or just shaking it up with almond milk. It had great green tea flavor and its full of health benefits! Love it! and I especially love this raspberry blend! -CARRIE

Very Yummy Matcha Tea

One thing I love the most about this matcha, is that it's pre-sweetened, but not too much so, so it already has a perfect balance of flavor when you make it. I predomenently use this as an iced tea, by adding it to a water bottle, or by putting it in a mason jar with water. You just want to make sure you put it in a container that has a lid so you can shake it nicely. The raspberry flavor is a nice touch to give it a nice smooth flavor. I would recommend this to first time matcha drinkers as an introduction to matcha. - JESSICA

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