What Matcha Tea Is Good For???


A lot of people are new to the world of matcha. And with that, comes a lot of questions like "what is matcha good for". That question is asked at least 4-5 times a week, so we wanted to write a few things matcha tea would be good for. Before we start just know this list is not limited to just what we say but also whatever you think matcha could be good with or in. 

5 Things Matcha Tea Is Good For

1) Increasing Energy- With only 1/3 the caffeine content of coffee, matcha tea gives you a steady source of energy, usually lasting 4-6 hours. This is possible because the caffeine in matcha is alkaline based and it's released slowly into your system. Unlike most tea, with matcha, you are consuming the entire tea leaf and because of this, your body takes longer to break down the tea. Which gives you a steady stream of natural energy.



2) Blocking Fat Absorption- This one usually gets people's ears up. Matcha tea is known to not only increase your metabolism and burn fat, but matcha also blocks fat in your system. This happens because matcha limits the absorption of fat into the cells. When you consume matcha the fat molecules are limited to separation and cannot become small enough to be absorbed by the body's cells.  

3) Natural Cooking Ingredient- Many people always look for the hottest thing to add to there diet to improve their health but the fact of the matter is that a lot of things have not changed. Tea like matcha is in a powder form which is great because you can easily add a dip of matcha into a smoothie or batter. This is great because you can add matcha to your protein or other mix and instantly boost the nutrition content. 


4) Improving Skin Health- Matcha is filled with rich chlorophyll which can help reduce and fight acne. Also, the antioxidants in matcha are great for blemishes, dark spots or uneven skin tone. Matcha Green Tea is one of the most effective treatments for hyperpigmentation because it is loaded with Vitamin A and B. Both Vitamin A and B are proven to fight discoloration.

5) Heart Healthy- The saponins in matcha work to lower the absorption of cholesterol and creatine in the body. In return, this increases the good (HDL) cholesterol in your blood. Cholesterol is an important piece to heart health, but just not any cholesterol, lowering bad (LDL) Cholesterol and increasing good (HDL) Cholesterol is key. LDL Cholesterol clogs the arteries and blocks blood flow, while HDL Cholesterol works to clear the body of artery-clogging plaques. Which is an added benefit of matcha? 

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  • How made stuffs

    Susan Moore on
  • I gave matcha a try and you definitely feel a boost in energy. It’s hard to explain but like they said it lasts for a while. Which is weird considering it’s less caffeine than coffee and actually good for you. Great article

    Sam G. on

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