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What does matcha taste like, You ask?

Almost everyone wants to find a way to be a little healthier. With matcha green tea you can definitly improve your overall cardiovascular, skin and metabolism health. Only thing stopping most people, is wondering what the green powdery stuff taste like.  
If you thought about trying matcha but just can cause you don't know what to expect for the taste you are not alone. But if taste is what you are after trust us matcha is worth the taste. Also there are different types of matcha and they types will give you different tastes. 
1) Ceremonial matcha and its taste
Ceremonial matcha is the highest quality of matcha and because of that has the smoothest taste. It resembles the flavor of green tea but just a little stronger. If you are a fan of the taste of green tea you will love the taste. Only thing is the cost of Ceremonial matcha is a lot higher than other types of matcha but the taste is superior to all other matcha tea.
2) Premium matcha and the taste
Premium matcha is a step below Ceremonial matcha but it has a slightly grassy taste. To the  new matcha drinker you will not even notice a difference. For a matcha drinker that wants to get the best price and quality, premium matcha tea is the way to go. It is less expensive and the quality of health benefits are the same as Ceremonial and the taste is basically the same. Can't forget you also get about double the amount for the same cost of Ceremonial matcha. 
3) Flavored matcha and the taste
Flavored matcha tea is fairly new and most people haven't even heard of it. Flavored matcha comes infused with fruit extract and most contain a little cane sugar. For a sweet matcha iced tea this is amazing. Flavored matcha is by far the best tasting, but you lose a little of the health benefits because cane sugar is added. Just imagine green tea infused with your favorite fruit, that is what flavored matcha tastes like. The good thing is that cane sugar is all natural and not refined, so it is not as bad as other sugars. If you are looking for just a great overall drink, and not worried about the sugar, you will fall in love with flavored matcha. It's great for Lattes, Cooking and Iced Tea. 
Well I hope this helped you get a better idea of the different tastes of matcha.
Give matcha a try, I'm sure you will enjoy it. 

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