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Can Green Tea Really Lower Your Blood Pressure

Chances are if you're reading this you have heard that everything from exercise, garlic and reducing salt intake will help lower blood pressure. Studies have shown one causes of heart attack is attributed to high blood pressure. Because of this there are many things that people claim to have created, take and do to lower there blood pressure. But when it comes to it, results are what really matter. As well as how easy it is to implement the changes needed to help lower your blood pressure. 
So we took one commonly asked question and did research to see if it's true. That question is "Can green tea really lower your blood pressure"? Below are the results that we found as well as some interesting facts and thoughts about green tea and how it effects your blood pressure. 
So studies have shown that drinking green tea can increase your blood pressure immediately after drinking it. This was published in a study from the "Journal of Hypertension" August 1999 edition.  We know this is surprising to many people because we have been told green tea is a healthy alternative to coffee. Well we do have good news, the study also said the rise in blood pressure right after consumption was not significant enough to cause a health concern. 
The great thing about green tea is that it is packed with antioxidants and polyphenols, which are linked to anti aging and weight loss. Not to mention the caffeine content in green tea is much lower than coffee. Even in matcha green tea with has more caffeine than regular green tea, the caffeine content is still 1/3 the amount of coffees. 
Now back to the blood pressure topic at hand. Remember the "Journal of Hypertension" said that drinking green tea increases your blood pressure immediately after drinking it. Well that does not take into account what happens when you drink green tea for a extended amount of time, the "British Journal of Nutrition" tracked 25 people for 12 weeks after drinking matcha green tea consistently. After the end of 12 weeks the blood pressure had lowered by 2.6mmHG systolic and 2.2mmHg diastolic. This is amazing because researchers said this could equate to a 8 percent reduction in stroke risk.
That is amazing drinking matcha green tea on a consistent basis can possibly decrease your risk of stroke by almost 10 percent. Matcha tea is called the elixir of life and with results like that we can see why. 
For those of you who have never heard of matcha tea. Matcha tea is a powdered form of green tea. Matcha is regular green tea that has been grown in shade to increase the chlorophyll in its leaves and making it more nutrient rich. Then the leaves are stripped from the stem and ground into a fine powder called matcha. 
Because of this matcha is one of the most nutrient rich teas in the world, and when you drink matcha you consume the entire tea leaf and all the nutrients that come with it. 
Well we hope our findings helped you get a better understanding on how green tea can help you and your blood pressure. 

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