Flavored Matcha ???????

The Matcha You Haven't Heard About 

For the past few years we have all heard the wonders of matcha tea. How it fights cancer, lowers blood pressure and has some of the highest antioxidant content on earth. The one thing people do not share, is how bitter and horrid matcha tea taste. Since matcha is a powdered from of green tea we are literally drinking the tea plant.  Oh and let me tell you, it sure tastes like it. That is until now.

After years of development, Matcha Tea has a new taste and flavor, or should I say flavors. Raspberry, Vanilla and Blueberry to be exact.

These three organic plant extracts have been infused with matcha tea to give matcha drinkers an experience like no other. Finally a welcoming aroma and succulent taste to pair with the undoubted health benefits of matcha tea.

If your a Matcha drinker or looking for a healthy beverage you definitely need to checkout flavored matcha tea.  It combines one of the healthiest drinks on earth with a delightful taste and aroma of fruits we all enjoy.   


Hope you stay away from the bitter stuff, and enjoy "HEALTH AND TASTE AS ONE"

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