10 Things Matcha Tea Is Good For

Although not a direct health benefit, we often associate our eating habits with how food tastes. In our minds, just because we know something is healthy for us, does not necessarily mean we are always willing to embrace it, especially if it does not taste good.

It can be difficult, and downright unpleasant to take something that you know is good for you, but tastes horrible. Often, there is a feeling of obligation, dread and a sense of feeling trapped. Wouldn't it make more sense to find something that is healthy, nutritious, and tastes good?

We have a solution, and that is the matcha tea. There is plenty of scientific evidence supporting the health benefits of green tea. In this article, we will discuss ten different things matcha green tea powder can do for you in regards to health, nutrition, and even the food we take every day.

  1. Matcha green tea is an ancient remedy for the modern body

The primary reason why drinking green tea is healthy for the body is largely due to the large concentrations of antioxidants called catechins. When you steep tea, these catechins diffuse out of the leaves and into the liquid, making it accessible to the body.  

Despite the positive effects of traditional green tea, one common issue is that the remaining catechins in tea leaves are lost. Matcha green tea aims to solve that problem.  

When you drink matcha green tea, you are ingesting the entire green tea leaf instead of merely the steeped liquid. Although this difference may initially seem small, it makes all the difference in the world.  

  1. Matcha tea act as antioxidants

Have you wondered what do both blueberries and pomegranates have in common? Besides the obvious answer, they are both fruits…. 

The answer is that both fruits are excellent sources of antioxidants. A single serving of blueberries contains 90 units/g. That is impressive! 

What is even more impressive is that matcha green tea powder contains even more than that. A single serving of matcha contains over 1300 units/g or 14 times more ant oxidative potential compared to a fruit most commonly noted for its antioxidants.  

  1. Matcha tea creates potent health benefits.

The health benefits of matcha are emphasized thanks to its distinctive processing methods. After the tea leaves are picked and harvested, it is covered in the shade to prevent exposure to sunlight. This greatly increases the leaves’ chlorophyll concentration, giving the leaves its characteristic rich and vibrant green hue.  

Not only does this process increase the overall appeal of the powder, it also creates potent health benefits.  

  1. Matcha green tea enhance the body’s detoxification process

There are reported studies demonstrating chlorophyll as a powerful phytochemical that is useful as a detox compound. Therefore, drinking matcha green tea may enhance the body’s detoxification process and help to remove harmful substances from the body.  

  1. Matcha tea induces a powerful state of relaxation and calmness

Talk about a drink from the fountain of youth! Matcha green tea may be a powerful antioxidant, but that is merely scratching the surface for its effects on health.  

Throughout centuries, Buddhist monks have taken advantage of matcha green tea’s ability to induce a powerful state of relaxation and calmness that helped them achieve their desired goal - meditation and fulfillment.  

  1. Matcha green tea offers you a great way to maintain alertness

While you may not have the time to reach the level of meditation as these monks, drinking matcha green tea does offer you a great way to relax and maintain alertness.  

Modern science managed to isolate and figure out why matcha green tea produces a relaxing feeling. It is simply due to a key organic compound called L-theanine. L-theanine is a non-essential amino acid in green tea that affects brain chemicals and produces certain effects like relaxation, calmness and mental awareness.  

  1. Matcha tea increases your energy

Drinking just one cup of matcha tea can help to boost your energy for 4 to 7 hours. It serves as a good source of sustainable, long-lasting energy and can also help to increase your focus, memory, and concentration.

  1. Matcha tea helps with weight loss

Matcha tea is not only a zero calorie, no-chemical and sugar-free healthy drink option but it also helps you lose weight by naturally boosting metabolism. With match tea, maintaining a healthy weight won't be a big deal for you anymore.

  1. Matcha green tea helps you to tackle an entire day’s workload

The best way to enjoy matcha green tea is either as an afternoon tea before dinner to get rid of the unnecessary baggage you may have endures at work. Or in the morning, when you may be stressed and anxious to get ready to tackle an entire day’s workload.  

Making matcha green tea a part of your daily ritual can offer a temporary, yet a crucial oasis of calmness and serenity in an otherwise hectic and noisy world. 

  1. Matcha tea tastes amazing

Matcha green tea offers both simplicity and versatility that can be incorporated into everyday life. The culinary graded matcha is commonly added to smoothies, lattes, and baked foods to boost the antioxidative capabilities of these recipes. Matcha green tea powder tends to be sweeter compared to ordinary green tea.

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