Who Sells Matcha Green Tea Powder?


In a world filled with catchy lingos, flashy advertisements and numerous claims, it may be difficult to make healthy choices, let alone, make the correct ones. A lot of the times, when it comes to our health, we need to be absolutely sure we are making the right decisions, because we only have one body.

As we get older, we inevitably cannot fight Mother Nature and our bodies slowly become less efficient compared to before. It is a cruel, but ultimate fate for everyone.  

Fortunately, there are certain habits that you can develop to minimize the negative impacts of aging and develop a graceful aging approach. One of these habits is becoming a regular consumer of matcha green tea powder.  

Matcha green tea powder is an indigenous ground green tea leaf packaged in a powdered form and it is normally sprinkled into recipes as well as drinks. This powder in most cases can have an astringent taste. In this article, we will discuss the availability of matcha green tea powder and how you can purchase it for yourself.

Availability of Matcha Green Tea Powder

Having learned about the health benefits of matcha tea, the next thing you would probably be thinking of is how to purchase the Matcha green tea powder. Well, there is no limitation since it is readily available. You can either purchase it directly from offline stores or simply through online means.

Here at Tea's Me Company, we focus on offering, organic healthy tea to help our customers live and lead a healthier lifestyle. We have an extreme concentration on healthy living and hope our products assist you on your journey to living a healthier and happier life. You can click here to check out our matcha green tea products.

Preparing Your Matcha Tea

The method explained below is the quickest way to prepare your matcha tea, so you can continue being on the go while keeping fit. This matcha drinking method is quite simple.  

  • Grab a shaker bottle, and add 1 teaspoon (tsp) of matcha green tea to it.
  • Add 1 scoop of your protein powder of choice.
  • Add 1 tsp of your sweetener of choice (we like Stevia)
  • Add 500 mL of either milk, almond or soy milk.
  • Shake it up, wait for 1 -2 minutes for bubbles to settle and enjoy!

This is a quick and convenient way to enjoy all the health benefits of matcha without any delay in your daily activities and routines.  

Common Preparation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • “My matcha tasted really bitter... Why?”

When the matcha turns out bitter, usually there are two reasons. The first being the water was too hot when it was poured into the tea. The second being a quantity issue and you simply used too much matcha. The ideal matcha to water ratio should be 1 tsp to 300 mL of water. This ratio allows you to taste the matcha without it becoming too overbearing and bitter. Additionally, you can add a sweetener to complement the natural matcha taste.  

  • “HELP! My matcha does not frothe well...”

This is a common issue with the traditional method of making matcha, but rarely occurs with the Go Fit Method. The simple reason is that it was not whisked well enough, but can also be due to too much water and not enough matcha powder. If that is the case, you need to add more powder to your tea.  

  • “There are clumps in my matcha green tea and I can taste it!”

This situation occurs when the matcha was not sifted. If you sift the matcha, this seldom occurs.  

Matcha green tea is taken for several reasons depending on the individual needs and preferences of a person. For instance, if you have weight issues, you can incorporate this tea into your diet and within some few days or weeks, you will be able to lose some pounds. As you proceed to take this tea with time, you will be able to get obtain the weight loss that you so desire.

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Why Matcha Tea Works Better For Weight Loss

Why Matcha Tea Works Better For Weight Loss

Matcha Tea has been consumed for hundreds of years by Buddhist Monks, Samurai Warriors, and millions of the Japanese population. The reason they keep drinking it is the amazing health benefits it provides by merely drinking it once a day. The green tea leaf is world-renowned for its weight loss benefits, antioxidant content, energy boosting properties, and much more. However, this article focus on the weight loss benefits of matcha tea.

How You Can Use Matcha Tea For Weight Loss

  1. Matcha tea contains substances that help to lose fat

One of matcha tea’s beneficial compounds is caffeine. Although a cup of matcha tea holds much less caffeine than a cup of coffee, it still contains enough to have a mild effect. Caffeine is a renown stimulant that helps to burn fat burning.

However, matcha tea shines in its antioxidant content, and these are referred to as catechins. Studies show that drinking matcha tea increases the number of antioxidants in your bloodstream.

  1. Matcha tea mobilizes fat from fat cells

Recent studies have revealed that the active compounds in popular green teas can boost the effects of some fat-burning hormones, and EGCG, which is the main antioxidant in tea can hinder an enzyme that breaks down some of these hormones, such as norepinephrine.

When this enzyme is hindered, the amount of norepinephrine increases, thereby promoting the fat breakdown process.

  1. Matcha tea can help with fat burning during Exercise

If you take your time to check the labels of most of the weight loss products in the market, you will likely see green tea listed as one of the ingredients. The reason is that green tea helps to burn fat, especially during exercise.

Recently, a study showed that men who took matcha green tea powder extract before doing their exercises burned 17% more fat than men who didn't take the supplement.

  1. Matcha tea boosts your metabolic rate

Your body constantly burns calories while you’re sleeping or sitting down and your cells are doing millions of activities that require energy. And several studies suggest that taking green tea extract or EGCG supplements can make you burn more calories — even at rest.

Using Matcha Tea For Your Weight Loss Goals Effectively

Having learned about how you can use matcha tea for weight loss, the next thing you probably need to know is how you can use matcha green tea to lose weight.

You can start by drinking one or two cups every day, while you work on maintaining a healthy diet, which is low in fats and high in fiber. This means you will need to concentrate more on green veggies. Also, you will want to maintain a healthy workout routine too. Doing 20 mins cardio for at least 3-5 times a week will go a long way.

You can add your matcha green tea powder to your protein shakes and smoothies and since it comes in a powder form it can be a perfect additive.

By learning to combine these methods and strategies, not only you will look and feel better you will also burn fat effectively. Isn’t that your goal after all?

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10 Things Matcha Tea Is Good For

Although not a direct health benefit, we often associate our eating habits with how food tastes. In our minds, just because we know something is healthy for us, does not necessarily mean we are always willing to embrace it, especially if it does not taste good.

It can be difficult, and downright unpleasant to take something that you know is good for you, but tastes horrible. Often, there is a feeling of obligation, dread and a sense of feeling trapped. Wouldn't it make more sense to find something that is healthy, nutritious, and tastes good?

We have a solution, and that is the matcha tea. There is plenty of scientific evidence supporting the health benefits of green tea. In this article, we will discuss ten different things matcha green tea powder can do for you in regards to health, nutrition, and even the food we take every day.

  1. Matcha green tea is an ancient remedy for the modern body

The primary reason why drinking green tea is healthy for the body is largely due to the large concentrations of antioxidants called catechins. When you steep tea, these catechins diffuse out of the leaves and into the liquid, making it accessible to the body.  

Despite the positive effects of traditional green tea, one common issue is that the remaining catechins in tea leaves are lost. Matcha green tea aims to solve that problem.  

When you drink matcha green tea, you are ingesting the entire green tea leaf instead of merely the steeped liquid. Although this difference may initially seem small, it makes all the difference in the world.  

  1. Matcha tea act as antioxidants

Have you wondered what do both blueberries and pomegranates have in common? Besides the obvious answer, they are both fruits…. 

The answer is that both fruits are excellent sources of antioxidants. A single serving of blueberries contains 90 units/g. That is impressive! 

What is even more impressive is that matcha green tea powder contains even more than that. A single serving of matcha contains over 1300 units/g or 14 times more ant oxidative potential compared to a fruit most commonly noted for its antioxidants.  

  1. Matcha tea creates potent health benefits.

The health benefits of matcha are emphasized thanks to its distinctive processing methods. After the tea leaves are picked and harvested, it is covered in the shade to prevent exposure to sunlight. This greatly increases the leaves’ chlorophyll concentration, giving the leaves its characteristic rich and vibrant green hue.  

Not only does this process increase the overall appeal of the powder, it also creates potent health benefits.  

  1. Matcha green tea enhance the body’s detoxification process

There are reported studies demonstrating chlorophyll as a powerful phytochemical that is useful as a detox compound. Therefore, drinking matcha green tea may enhance the body’s detoxification process and help to remove harmful substances from the body.  

  1. Matcha tea induces a powerful state of relaxation and calmness

Talk about a drink from the fountain of youth! Matcha green tea may be a powerful antioxidant, but that is merely scratching the surface for its effects on health.  

Throughout centuries, Buddhist monks have taken advantage of matcha green tea’s ability to induce a powerful state of relaxation and calmness that helped them achieve their desired goal - meditation and fulfillment.  

  1. Matcha green tea offers you a great way to maintain alertness

While you may not have the time to reach the level of meditation as these monks, drinking matcha green tea does offer you a great way to relax and maintain alertness.  

Modern science managed to isolate and figure out why matcha green tea produces a relaxing feeling. It is simply due to a key organic compound called L-theanine. L-theanine is a non-essential amino acid in green tea that affects brain chemicals and produces certain effects like relaxation, calmness and mental awareness.  

  1. Matcha tea increases your energy

Drinking just one cup of matcha tea can help to boost your energy for 4 to 7 hours. It serves as a good source of sustainable, long-lasting energy and can also help to increase your focus, memory, and concentration.

  1. Matcha tea helps with weight loss

Matcha tea is not only a zero calorie, no-chemical and sugar-free healthy drink option but it also helps you lose weight by naturally boosting metabolism. With match tea, maintaining a healthy weight won't be a big deal for you anymore.

  1. Matcha green tea helps you to tackle an entire day’s workload

The best way to enjoy matcha green tea is either as an afternoon tea before dinner to get rid of the unnecessary baggage you may have endures at work. Or in the morning, when you may be stressed and anxious to get ready to tackle an entire day’s workload.  

Making matcha green tea a part of your daily ritual can offer a temporary, yet a crucial oasis of calmness and serenity in an otherwise hectic and noisy world. 

  1. Matcha tea tastes amazing

Matcha green tea offers both simplicity and versatility that can be incorporated into everyday life. The culinary graded matcha is commonly added to smoothies, lattes, and baked foods to boost the antioxidative capabilities of these recipes. Matcha green tea powder tends to be sweeter compared to ordinary green tea.

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Benefits of Matcha Tea

Benefits of Matcha Tea.

For a very long time, green tea has been dubbed as an elixir in the health and fitness sector. Numerous pharmacist and satisfied users have continuously spoken with glowing praise of the ability of green tea to help in weight loss by not only encouraging metabolism but also by burning calories. In the recent past, a new brand of green tea in, Matcha has been emerging rapidly surpassing other brands in popularity. This article seeks to explore the numerous health benefits of matcha tea as well as its effects on weight loss. (Give Matcha A Try)  


 What is Matcha tea?

Just Like ordinary green tea, Matcha is derived from the Camellia sinensis plant. A long and standing component of Japanese culture, Matcha has been mostly found to contain a high level of catechins compared to the ordinary green tea. Matcha is derived from taking some young tea leaves and grinding them to form a bright green powder.  


Matcha tea is usually grown on the shaded tea bushes before harvesting the plants are covered for around 20-30 Days to avoid direct contact with sunlight. This is usually done to boost amino acid contents and increase chlorophyll production. It is this increased chlorophyll that gives the tea its dark green hue. Once harvested (by hand picking) the stems and veins are removed, and the leaves ground using granite stones. Some of the finest Matcha comes from Japan where the plant has been grown for centuries now. 


Comparisons between Matcha Green Tea and Ordinary Green Tea. Both matcha and regular green tea contain caffeine. However, matcha contains more caffeine than regular green tea. Matcha is also richer in the catechism EGCG(epigallocatechin gallate) which is believed to fight cancer cells in the body. Scientific tests have shown that matcha contains 17mg to 109 mg of EGCG per serving compared to regular green tea's 25 to 86mgs. Additionally, Matcha powered is usually whisked in hot water, on the other hand, regular green tea is infused in water and removed. Matcha overall helps in injecting more nutrients to the body than regular tea. Courtesy, of its higher nutrient content Matcha, is also quite expensive when compared with regular green tea. (Give Matcha A Try)


 Try Matcha Today 


Weight Loss. Matcha which is almost calorie free is a great addition to any other weight loss program. Matcha green tea does not only boosts the body metabolism but also helps in burning excessive fats in one's body. Some research results have suggested that green tea can help burn calories up to four times faster. To cap it all matcha does not exact excessive pressure on the body hence consumers do not have to worry about increased heart rates and blood pressure. Generally, this powerful powder provides one of the safest alternatives to side effect-ridden pharmaceutical and other questionable quick fixes' used in weight loss programs. A study that was done by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition indicates that consumption of matcha green tea helps to improve thermogenesis from around 8-10% to around 35-43% during moderate and intense exercises. Green tea is also renowned for its ability to enhance weight loss, in fact, a closer look at a majority of weight loss supplements one of the most common ingredients is "green tea extracts."

Concentration and focus. Since time immemorial matcha tea has been used by Chinese Taoist and Buddhist monks to boost concentration during meditation. Monks and Taoist would drink matcha in order to remain calm, alert, and relaxed for long hours of meditation. Modern research has confirmed that matcha is increasingly rich in a rare amino-acid called L-Theanine. L-Theanine releases alpha waves in the brain that enhance relaxation and promotes the brains functioning. While L-Theanine is found in other types of tea, matcha contains L-Theanine that is five times more than that in regular black and green tea. Besides, boosting concentration and focus L-Theanine also helps in enhancing memory capacity and cognitive ability. Additional, research has further indicated that L-Theanine helps in counteracting side effects of caffeine found in tea. Therefore, glass/bowl of matcha will not only enhance concentration but also eliminate the nervous energy associated with caffeinated drinks.

Cancer Prevention. Numerous studies have been conducted indicating that matcha contains potent antioxidants that have demonstrated cancer-fighting properties. Matcha has been dubbed to be anti-oxidant powerhouse containing over twenty times the amount of antioxidants presents in pomegranate, blueberries, broccoli, and spinach. The antioxidants also are known as catechins EGCG has been widely lauded for its ability to fight UV rays, radiation, and chemicals which are some of the major cancer causes. Over 60% of the catechins in matcha are usually EGCG. In fact, there have been several test- tube studies that have demonstrated that green tea extracts can help in decreasing tumor sizes, slowing breast cancer, killing prostate cancer cells as well as dealing with skin, lung, and liver cancer. While most of this research has not been translated to humans, there should be increased optimism towards the potential of matcha to aid in preventing cancer, although more research ought to be done.

Detoxification and Source of Antioxidants. Matcha is laced with a significant portion of chlorophyll that cannot be found in many other foods, courtesy of being deprived of sunlight before harvesting. The resulting chlorophyll is advantageous not only for its vibrant green color but also o as a powerful detoxifier. Chlorophyll helps to eliminate chemical toxins and heavy metals from the body. Generally, antioxidants help in removing potentially harmful oxidizing agents in a living organism. Any health-conscious person is definitely encouraged to consume food rich in antioxidants since they help lower risk of infections. Antioxidants also help in promoting skin wellness by giving one a smooth, younger-looking skin. Some of the foods popular for providing antioxidants include raw fruits and green vegetables. Matcha tea contains antioxidants that are over 5 times what is found in these foods, it is the most highly rated food using the ORAC( oxygen radical absorbance capacity) method.
Energy and Endurance. In the medieval and early-modern Japan, Samurai warriors used to drink a heavy concoction of Matcha tea to help them mostly to energize before going to war. While all tea naturally contains caffeine which is a renown stimulant the energy from matcha is largely derived from a combination of nutrients found within the drink. (Give Matcha A Try



     Try Matcha Today 

    Matcha flavor

    Sometimes taking a product only for its health benefits can mostly seem like swallowing medicine. Quality matcha is always bright green and smooth, its taste is also slightly sweet. Unlike other brands of tea which require a sweetener in the form of sugar, honey, lemon or milk matcha can be consumed on its own. It usually has this crisp vegetable notes laced with the savory taste of L-Theanine. 


    Caffeine in Matcha

    Just like with other nutrients matcha offers a stronger jolt of caffeine compared to the regular green tea. This may be a pro or a con depending on one's reaction to caffeine. While one teaspoon of regular green tea offers around 32mg of caffeine, matcha offers of around 68mg. However, matcha contains L-Theanine which promotes calmness and relaxation which consequently protects against symptoms of caffeine crash. In fact, as a reference point, the amount of caffeine found in black tea and coffee is almost double that of matcha.  A moderate amount of caffeine can actually enhance body metabolism by up to 40% and help in regulating the body sugars.


    Caffeine in matcha is often released gradually for a period of about 6 to 8 hours hence a morning drink can help you have a much energized and concentrated day. However, for people with low tolerance for caffeine, it is advisable to switch to less potent drinks. In some cases, matcha has been showed to cause slight stomach problems for people with ulcers and sensitive reflux. It is therefore advisable that matcha is drunk with a meal and not on an empty stomach. 



    Preparing matcha is also considerably easy.

    All one needs is 1-2 teaspoons of matcha powder(2-4grams),

    8 ounces (59ml) of hot water, a matcha bowl and a bamboo whisk.


     Then follow the steps below.


    1. Sift two teaspoons of Matcha powder into a bowl using a small sifter.
    2. Add 8 ounces of hot water (just below boiling point).
    3. Whisk using mostly a bamboo whisk in a zigzag manner until frothy.
    4. Drink your tea directly from the bowl.

    Iced Matcha 

    • 1-2 teaspoons of matcha powder
    • 8-12 ounces of water
    • Handful of Ice 
    • Shaker bottle 

    Add matcha, ice, and water into the shaker bottle. Then shake for 30 seconds with the top closed. Then you are ready to enjoy.

    Try Matcha Today  

    The ratio of water to matcha powder can be slowly adjusted depending on a person's preferred consistency. Matcha can also be whipped up in matcha lattes, pudding, or protein smoothies to boost the nutrient content. 



    Over and above, matcha is a product brimming with numerous health benefits. The product has been found to be effective in the weight loss programs as well as other areas such as cancer prevention, detoxification, energizing and promoting concentration. Despite all these benefits, the product should be consumed moderately to avoid some instances of contamination. Above all, it is simple to prepare and can be incorporated into various recipes. It’s about time you woke up and taste the healthy benefits of matcha tea.



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    How Matcha Tea Helps Reduce Anxiety


    How Matcha tea helps to reduce anxiety

    Anxiety is a problem that has been noted to be very common among adults and children alike. It is a way of the body trying to respond to a certain stressful, cheerful or fearful conditions. It is very normal to be anxious, but those people with anxiety conditions tend to experience elevated worry and fear in their daily lives. The topic of anxiety has been trending over the years. The main question has so far been asked is how anyone can get rid of such a condition. Research has been done, and there have been so many answers which are very fulfilling, but none of them are as effective as using Matcha tea. Matcha tea has proven to be very important with numerous health benefits. Having at least a cup a day can be very beneficial, and it is known to curb anxiety in a very easy and natural way.  

     How to know you are having anxiety

    Before you get into any hasty conclusions, you should be really sure that you are experiencing anxiety and not just having a bodily reaction to certain things. Below are some of the known symptoms that will outright signify that it is anxiety. 

    Having a frequent sense of impending danger and panic: There are times that we all undergo such an experience. Whenever you know that something bad is going to happen, we usually have such a feeling. What differentiates the normal feeling from the anxiety one is how frequent you experience these episodes. A person with anxiety will tend to have quite a lot of them in a row. To an extent, it starts becoming part of his/her life. This then tells you that you are having anxiety. 

    Having an increased heart rate: When you are from having an intensive exercise like running, boxing, pulling weights among many others, it is absolutely normal to have an increased heart rate. But if all of a sudden you just have an increased heart rate out of the blues then start thinking of how you will get matcha tea to help with your anxiety. 

    Having trouble to concentrate on other things other than the initial worry: Worrying is a natural state of reacting to a particularly unpleasant situation. But for anxiety, once you start worrying, then it absorbs your whole concentration living you with nothing but a constant repetition of the same. 

    Some symptoms that will rule out normalcy and indicate that you are having anxiety include feeling nervous and restless, often feeling week or tired, having trouble sleeping, having gastrointestinal problems, breathing rapidly, trembling, sweating and having the urge to avoid things that make you anxious. If you find yourself experiencing the above problems, then you should be sure that its anxiety. It is very important to start curbing the condition before it starts taking a toll on you. You should take certain necessary steps like taking matcha tea to help you reduce or do away with the anxiety. 

    Compounds found in Matcha powder

    Matcha tea has forever been a haven for health benefits with mental health being one of them. After prolonged research, scientists were able to find out that this particular green tea can enable people to treat a number of mental health problem such as depression, panic, post-traumatic stress disorder and most importantly anxiety. This has ever since been a very good way to release yourself from the condition and leave an anxiety free life. Unlike the normal tea or coffee you normally have, matcha comes with quite a number of compounds that increase its value and significance greatly. In one way or another, it has ended up becoming more than just a cup of tea but a cup of numerous health benefits. With such an important huge range of beneficial factor, there is a way you can use matcha to treat anxiety. There are basic facts that you should know about matcha to prove its capabilities to curb anxiety. 

    One cup of matcha has a lesser amount of caffeine than a cup of coffee. This means that it has the ability to stimulate you and keep you alert all through. Caffeine is known to be a very good stimulant and with matcha having such a product in such reasonable quantities is such a great thing. 

    Matcha contains L-theanine amino acid. This is one of the most important components of Matcha powder. L-theanine is known to be the best mood enhancer. Researchers say it has the capabilities to keep you in a good mood throughout and it is known never to fail. It can also keep you relaxed for quite a long time and what makes it important is that it removes the drowsiness aspect. It is also the compound that decreases anxiety and stress and keeps you alert always. With this compound alone you are sure that your anxiety will be dealt with within a couple of days. When L-theanine is combined with caffeine, the resultant product is known to improve cognitive performance drastically. Another study showed that L-theanine also helps in preventing high blood pressure in adults.  It contains EGCG. This is a very good antioxidant that is known to promote cardiovascular functions. The same EGCG helps a lot when it comes to increasing the metabolic functions thus improving your health completely. It also prevents the risk of getting cancer. This is how important ECGC is in the human body a compound that Matcha powder contains in plenty.  


    The blending of these different compounds makes matcha tea very important for not just reducing anxiety but also adding some numerous beneficial aspects in your body.

    A single cup of matcha is very beneficial and has a lot more nutritional value than a cup of coffee and a cup of any other green tea. It is thus a good idea to be having a cup of matcha tea every single day if at all you want to experience the above benefits first hand.  How recent is matcha tea? It is true to say that after the research was proven right, it's when people started paying more attention to Matcha tea. The attention has turned more to obsession, and now there are so many Matcha products including ice creams, biscuits, cookies, cakes, and so many others. But since it has all these benefits larking in it, why not embrace how people are trying to diversify it? The truth of the matter is that Matcha is not a 20th-century product neither is it a 19th-century cup of tea. Matcha has been around for quite a long time now.  

     This special green tea dates back when samurais were still a force to reckon with, and the Zen Monks were busy walking around with bald heads. The main point of them drinking this particular tea is so that they could concentrate more and reduce anxiety. The Zen monks could drink Matcha tea to make sure that they maintained optimum concentration during their meditation. It was a way of keeping them alert and avoiding any destructions that were related to anxiety. This could enable them to remain still for quite a long time as they channeled their inner energy and total concentration to their chakras. Matcha tea was considered one of the most important rituals in their daily lives. 


    The Samurai, on the other hand, would drink matcha tea without fail whenever they went for a battle. This was a way of curing their mental health and summoning their bodies to function fully during battle. They were known to live a stress-free life without any anxiety whatsoever. Even though they were raised to face the hard and difficult battle times, matcha tea would help them focus on the task ahead and not the imminent danger they were subjecting their dear lives. This just shows how important matcha tea was to the two ancient groups. With that said, it is more of a fact that Matcha tea is not something we can credit the scientist for finding, they only verified what was known since time memorial. 


    What are the different matcha grades?

    Matcha does not come in a single grade. To different suite users, there are a couple of matcha grades that have come about. These grades have different intensities of the above products and are known to be suitable for different people. Matcha can be broadly classified into the certified organic or the non-organic. When talking of organic, it means products that have been grown without the use of any insecticides or other chemicals that are often used to enhance the plant growth. What you should put in mind though is that the lower the grade, the lesser the nutrients and so does the smoothness of the tea reduce. You should at least make sure that you get just the right matcha grade that will suit your ultimate needs.  


    These different grades are determined by a number of things such as the color of tea, the texture, the parts used to make the powder (is it stems or leaves), how long has it been exposed to oxygen, how it was ground and the treatment it underwent before processing. These methods bring out different grades of matcha powder, for instance. 

    Ceremonial Grade Matcha

    This is the highest grade among them all; it is well ground to produce a bright green powder. To come up with this amazing green tea, they use the tender most leaves of the plant. It has a natural sweetness and can easily lure you to drink Matcha tea for quite a long time. To use this ceremonial grade tea to curb anxiety, pour hot water in a cup, add a spoonful of pure ceremonial grade matcha and then add just enough sugar. Whisk it to mix and drink it. Some people prefer adding milk, cocoa, and other products. It is although highly recommended to that you drink it without adding any more products because it is in its purest form already. Have this cup every day, and in no time you won't have any anxiety problems you will also have had the other mentioned benefits as a bonus. 

    Culinary Grade Matcha green tea powder

    This is the grade just before the ceremonial grade matcha. It is specifically made to be mixed with other recipes of food and beverages. It has a slightly different appearance and taste from ceremonial matcha. You can also use it to make tea which will require warm water and sugar to taste. You can then include milk if you wish or other beverages like soy. It is usually smooth with a very robust taste.  Culinary grade matcha comes in other different grades like premium grade, café grade, ingredient grade, kitchen grade, and classic grade. All these grades have different flavors and taste with completely different uses. Culinary grade matcha also plays a very important role in treating anxiety condition and also comes with all the other health benefits. 


    The above is a detailed explanation as to why you need Matcha tea so much if at all you are having an anxiety problem. It has been tested and proven to be one of the best natural ways to get rid of anxiety. But to be sure that you are really experiencing anxiety, watch out for the above symptoms. If you find that you are having some similarities, then start by making sure you get a cup of matcha tea every day. It has also been proven that what makes Matcha tea very special is its compounds that comprises caffeine, L-theanine and EGCG. While choosing which grade to use in treating your anxiety, it is highly recommended that you go for the purest which is the ceremonial grade. Try using it with hot water without adding any other ingredients. With a cup of matcha tea, every single day is sure that you will end up with nothing but uncountable health benefits including reducing your chances of getting cancer and most importantly, you will get rid of your anxiety problems once and for all.

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