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Japanese Matcha Green Tea, Organic, Flavored and Healthy

In a world filled with fatty foods and sugary drinks there has to be a healthier option. After searching long and hard Tea's Me discovered the wonderful world of Japanese Matcha Green Tea. Unlike regular green tea, matcha tea is loaded with tons of antioxidants and vitamins, know wonder its been called the elixir of life. So Tea's Me decided to share the powers of matcha tea with the world. Now you can experience the wonders of Japanese Matcha and get a little healthier. After tasting multiple matcha teas we noticed it has a bitter taste and wanted to bring our customers something a little more unique. So we have infused our matcha tea with extracts from some of your favorite fruits, creating a unique flavored matcha tea.  

With the added Raspberry, Blueberry and Vanilla extracts we know this flavored matcha tea will soon be your go it morning or afternoon ritual . A lot of people cook with our flavored matcha tea, add it to your favorite smoothie or shake. There are tons of possibilities once you enter the world of matcha tea, you just have to explore.  

Give Tea's Me flavored matcha tea a try, and learn what others have already discovered. 

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Organic Japanese Matcha, Natural Fruit Extracts and Pure Cane Sugar. Health and Taste as One

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What Our Customers Say

I really love this matcha powder. You can definitely smell and taste the raspberry. It tastes like eating an actual raspberry - not too sweet or overwhelming. It's a great complement to the green tea flavor. We mostly use our matcha powder for making smoothies, but it is nice for tea as well.- Sarah S

I have been drinking tea for years and I can say this is the best tea by far. Its lightly sweeten but not to the point it is overly sweet and the aroma is amazing. I say give it a try cause you don't know what you are missing. -Telli

I got this for my girlfriend and her and her sister can't stop drinking it. I didn't know what to expect but glad I got it. - Cameron